About CANOVA s.r.l.

Canova s.r.l. is a company operating in building renovations, well-known and deeply rooted in the area of Milan and its surroundings. In time Canova has developed a production process fostering high quality interventions, orientated to research on energy saving and environmental preservation.
Canova s.r.l. believes in wise use of construction materials and colours, in order to harmoniously integrate the building in its context.

The strenghts of Canova s.r.l.
– MATERIALS. Attentive choice of building materials is basic to obtain a high level renovation. Our highest care is always oriented in the choice of high level raw materials.
– WORK. The installation of the building material is the core of the whole renovation process. Our artisans are passionate and prepared, selected to guarantee the best possible result.
– DETAIL. Resolving the smallest detail is the most visible measure of the care given along the whole process. Our attention for details is the sign of a group of professionals at the service of quality.